Hello world!

My name is Jeff, and this is my blog.

I’m new to the world of SEO, and this blog will be my online journal recording all the zany adventures I find myself in. I have no formal or educational training; all of this will be self-taught. I am guessing there will be some missteps. I’m betting this will be difficult to learn. I am positive that this will be beneficial and provide a great resource tool for myself and other like-minded people.

Over the course of weeks, months, possibly even years I will show my progression of knowledge of search engine optimization, social media, and technology with the help of books, journal articles, leading experts, and websites.

I will go chapter by chapter, resource by resource, to get a full understanding of SEO and all of the branching factors that comes with it. I intend to learn more about CSS, HTML, and social media.  I will attempt to learn best practices and keep updated on what’s new.

I hope this exercise will be fun and knowledgeable for you and for me.

So get ready. This is sure to be a great adventure!

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