Search Engine Factors

We have our topic. We know our audience. We created a budget, and we built a plan. The next step is to know what are the important factors that can give us the stepping stones to increase our SEO ranking.

This is the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors from

SEO Table

There are four major groups to the SEO ranking factors.

  • On the Page Ranking Factors
  • Off the Page Ranking Factors
  • Violations
  • Blocking

Within each Major group there are Sub groups to be accounted for, as well.

Reading the Table:

Within each Major Group there are Headings listed (Sub groups). Each “element” is represented by two letters. The first letter is the Sub group, and the second letter is the individual factor.

In the top right-hand corner of each element are ranking factors. Each individual element alone won’t be enough to gain page rankings, but by following (or avoiding) all of these elements will help in factoring (but not guaranteeing) and increase your odds of success.

Brace Yourself:

We will dive into each individual group and factor. We will go in-depth to get a full understanding of how each element is used for our Web site and search-engine-optimization campaign.


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