On The Page Factors: Keyword Research

The first element we covered for On The Page Factors for SEO page ranking focused on creating quality content.

The next element that greatly influences search engine rankings is keyword research, because it effects everything. Your entire Web site from the directory to file names to title tags and content pages include keywords.

Content Research

Keyword Research:

Keyword generation is very important to running an effective SEO campaign.

So what do you need to do?

Create a keyword list as large as possible, and when you think you have enough keywords, think of some more! The best practice is to create a list full of keywords and phrases that have both high and low search volume – the number of unique keyword searches performed over a period of time.

Selecting keywords with low search volume is hazardous because your audience isn’t always searching for those keywords and keywords with high search volume are often dominated by high ranking authoritative Web sites. Focusing on both will get the best results for your Web site.

There are two types of keywords. Head Terms – short keywords that have a high search volume. Tail Terms – long keywords that have a low search volume.

There are numerous Web sites that allow you research and locate searching content.

Finding keywords isn’t enough, though.

Choose keywords and create quality content that speak to your audience. Write content and use language that your audience will use. Unless you write for a technical company that uses a lot of industry jargon, it probably won’t help trying to write the same to your consumer who doesn’t use the same language.

We will go through some of these research tools later to show how to use them and implement them into your own Web site.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:

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