On The Page Factors: Content Words

With the help of Google AdWords and Google Insight, we have found keywords and trends to use in our SEO wordpress blog (see what I did there?). AdWords isn’t the only keyword tool to use to optimize your SEO blog (did it again!), but we will look at other tools later.

Today, we will continue our adventure in Search Engine Ranking Factors. The next step is Content Words.

Content Words

The use of keywords in your copy is another important step in cultivating your SEO blog campaign. If you haven’t already used keywords to optimize your Web site then going back and editing your content will help in page ranking.

As we can see, Search Engine Land only rates the importance of Content Words as a +2 (not as much as the previous elements we observed). This in no way means it is not a vital factor in page ranking, but it just means that even if you manage to optimize every single page with a plethora of keywords, it still doesn’t guarantee page ranking.

There is no specific or magic number to hit when writing keywords into your copy for your SEO blog or Web site, but using common sense and using keywords naturally will help provide quality content for your audience. It will also make it easier for your audience to find your Web site if you use those keywords.

Galen De Young offers some extra helpful copywriting tips for your SEO blog.

  • Watch the lingo – As we covered earlier, use the language of your audience.
  • Keep page copy focused – Keep content focused on your keyword strategy.
  •  Remember the long tail – While you may have a keyword focus, don’t forget to integrate other keywords that your audience might be searching for.
  • Watch the word order – Be mindful of trends and use the more popular keyword order “SEO blog” vs “blog SEO.”
  • Watch singular and plural usage – Different uses can come up with different search results.
  • Long copy is good – Longer copy can help “assess the focus of the page and the depth of the information.”
  • Keep page headers keyword-rich – Write keyword-rich headers and use “generic” headlines somewhere else on the page and tag them with the H1 tag.
  • Include captions for images – “Text-based captions are a great way to get more keyword-rich copy on the page.”
  • Write with anchor text in mind – Internal linking is beneficial. It will help the search engines find other content on your SEO blog or Web site.
  • Customize ALT tags to the page – Use ALT tags for all images. If you use the same picture on another page of your SEO blog then vary the text.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:


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