Keyword Tools: Google Trends

Using keywords is key (ba-da-bum) for creating quality content and influencing your search engine ranking for your SEO wordpress blog or Web site.

Earlier we looked at some keyword tools that helped us generate words and phrases, but what happens if those words that you are optimizing your SEO blog with aren’t popular searches? That’s where Google Trends comes to play.

So let’s take a look at how to use Google Trends to chart trending keywords.


Go to


In the Search Bar enter in keywords that you have previously searched for using Google AdWords. You can enter in more than one keyword during a search. Just use a comma to separate the keywords.

Google Trends

We entered in the terms “SEO” and “search engine optimization,” but it is important to use all of those keywords you wish to rank for to check on their popularity.


You can filter your search by Regions and by Years to get specific results for your keyword search.

The chart shows the popularity trends of both of the keywords “SEO” and “search engine optimization.” They are color-coded blue and red for easier visualization.

The top chart shows the Search Volume Index (VMI) and the chart on the bottom shows News Reference Volume. VMI determines “how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time.” The News Reference Volume shows how “frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories.”

From the chart the keyword term “SEO” shows an increasing popularity over time while the keyword phrase “search engine optimization” shows a slight, but steady, decline in popularity.

To the right of the chart are Web sites that ranked best for those keyword results during the selected period of time.

The bottom of the page shows the Regions, Cities, and Languages and the popularity of the keyword searches for those demographics.

We can see that the keyword “SEO” ranks much higher in popularity over “search engine optimization.”*

*Perhaps because SEO is faster to search for in the search engine?

Google Trends SEO


You can also check out your competition to see where they rank in popularity compared to your own SEO blog or Web site.

The charts will look the same as the above, but this is a great tool to analyze your competition.


We can go way more in-depth about Google Trends – heck, we could probably designate an entire blog page dedicated to it, but this gives us a quick look at how useful this keyword tool is when helping optimize our SEO blog or Web site.

For more information about how to use Google Trends go here.

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