On The Page Factors: Content Engagement

We have created quality content and implemented popular keywords into our SEO wordpress blog. The next step is to engage with your audience.

What if you have written your content, your audience found your SEO blog or Web site, clicked on your page then immediately bounced back? Chances are you might not have been creating engaging content.

But as Brian Kaminski from Search Engine Land points out:

“Merely driving traffic is not going to make you successful. Instead, you need to foster engagement and build a relationship with your users. Specifically, you need to make sure that they find value in your content, that they come back and visit often, and that they ultimately become your customer.”

Content Engagement

Content Engagement:

Many metrics are used when gauging your audience’s engagement with your SEO blog or Web site.

Search engines have metrics that measure “bounce back” traffic, time spent reviewing content, social media “likes” and “+1s,” and other metrics to gauge content engagement.

So what are some ways (besides writing quality content) to create engaging copy?

Kaminski offers some ideas:

  • Branch out – You need to supply an alternative way for your audience to access your content. Get your message out through social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube. Diversity offers success. +Following one’s blog is also a way to stay connected, ahem.
  • Make them look good – Offer content that offers your audience with valuable information.
  • Ask for input – Ask your customers or audience questions to find out what they would like to see. This can be a great way to obtain new ideas.
  • Offer premium content – “This grants them special access to great content, and allows you to gain more information about your potential customers, such as their name, company, title, and email address. Clearly, this method is a win-win situation for both parties.”
  • Leverage your players – Have contributing authoritative authors create content is a way for your audience to “meet” other experts in their field. (We will be having a special guest blog coming soon! Stay tuned!)
  • Facilitate connections – Having your audience or clients come together can create new ideas that can better help leverage your services.
  • Manage the flow – Communicate regularly with your audience and enhance relationships.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:

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