Keyword Tools: SpyFu

Earlier we learned that it is necessary to engage with our audience to get them to keep coming back to your SEO wordrpess blog.

So now let’s look at some more keyword tools that will help us understand our competitors better and help us select better keywords. This keyword tool is called SpyFu – a tool that is used to see what’s happening with large trends in SEM/SEO.


To save time, you will want to do some competitor analysis. Use Google to search for keywords and see who is ranking for those words.


Log in to SpyFu.*

*Note – this is a paid service, but they offer 30 day money back guarantee.


With the tab selected as SpyFu Classic you can enter in a domain or keyword into the search bar.


To begin we will use the keyword phrase “how to SEO.”


There are some analyses that SpyFu provides that are for PPC campaigns, but this is a useful tool to compare your own SEO blog or Web site to your competitor’s. 

The top chart shows Search Results – the number of results Google reports for this keyword –  and Search Volume – the average number of searches Google receives per day.

As we can see this is quite a popular keyword search, 371,000,000.

Skip the next two charts, because they are for advertising.


Do the  Search Results look familiar?

These are the results that come up when you search Google for your keyword. You can see what companies and Web sites are ranking well for that keyword.*

*Note – SpyFu updates it’s results once a month, so double-checking Google is not a bad idea.

The top ranking competitors are (obviously) very authoritative Web sites. So if you have a tiny SEO wordpress blog and you’re trying to rank for “how to SEO” against the likes of Google, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land, and Wikipedia, you better supplement your keyword base.


Now let’s take a look at a competitor, Search Engine Land.

With the tab selected as SpyFu Classic you can enter into the search bar.


We can see that Search Engine Land doesn’t do much (or any) PPC advertising. But SpyFu assigns value that shows how your domain benefits from organic rankings.

The bottom chart shows helpful Organic Keyword list and Top Organic Competitors.


The Top Organic Competitors shows a list of the top domains that rank for the same keywords and how “a domain ranks organically on hundreds of keywords, Top Organic Competitors tells you the domains that overlap the most frequently and recently.”       

Here we can see  important keywords that our competitors are ranking for in the top 50 results of Google. SpyFu gives you the ability to research your competitors entire search marketing strategy.

 SpyFu suggest “A comprehensive SEO/SEM strategy would be to rank organically on the best keywords that are least competitive, then buy the rest as over Adwords or other PPC channels.”


Ranking for general keywords of your competitors is an acceptable SEO practice, but trying to rank for keywords (like your competitor’s domain name) is highly frowned upon and could bring legality issues regarding trademark infringement. 


Tomorrow we will finish up with our SpyFu review by showing Kombat right before the holiday break. Stay tuned!

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