Keyword Tools: SpyFu, Part 2

Here is the second part of our keyword tool look at SpyFu. Today we will look at Kombat. This tool will help our SEO wordpress blog by comparing our own Web site to our competition.


Click on the tab Kombat. Then in the search bar enter the domains of the Web sites you would like to view. SpyFu gives us an example, vs

Click Fight. Hi-ya!


Choose the tab that says Organic (otherwise you will see the search results for ads). Place your cursor over one of the circles and you will view the Organic Keywords used by that domain. If you look where the circles overlap, you can see the Overlapping Keywords – keywords that both domains rank use.

SpyFu Kombat

  • has 26,041 unique keywords.
  • has 20,926 unique keywords.
  • Both domains have 1,616 overlapping keywords.
Use the list to strengthen your hold on the overlapping keywords. But also view your competitor’s keywords to see which ones you can possibly use to rank for.


Scroll down the page and again choose the tab that says Organic.  The chart shows the results of the organic keywords that your chosen domains rank for over time.

The chart is color-coded for easier viewing.

SpyFu Kombat

Obviously ranking in more keywords than your competitor will give you an edge to gain a wide audience. The more words you can rank highly for the less amount  you have to spend on advertising. And saving money is always a good thing for you and your client.

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