Optimize Meta Description Tags

Earlier we learned about HTML title tags. Now we are going to dive a little further into the header section of our HTML code and learn how to optimize meta description tags.

I am using steps from Kristopher B. Jones’s book Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing 2nd ed.

Meta Description

Meta Description Tags:

Optimizing every meta description tag of your SEO wordpress blog or Web site is an important step because the tags are part of the display information that your audience and visitors see when your site is listed on a search engine. It is also important because search engines use the meta description tags to see what your Web page is about.

Although optimizing meta description tags are no longer as influential for search engine rankings it is still important for visitors to find your Web page description and choose your SEO blog over your competitor’s.

Meta description tags look like this:

<HEAD><META NAME=”description” CONTENT=”Brief description of Web page”></HEAD>

Why are meta description tags not as an important factor for search engine optimization rankings?

“At one time, the meta description tag could be stuffed with keywords and phrases in an attempt to trick the search engines into believing a Web page was more relevant for those terms than it actually was.”

So why should I optimize meta description tags then?

Even though search engines don’t value meta description tags as much as they used to, it is still vital for visitors to find accurate descriptions to your Web pages.

The important thing to remember is that for all SEO specialist is that you not only write for the search engines, but you also write for a human audience. They are both equally important and both need to be taken into account when optimizing your SEO blog.

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