Optimize Meta Keyword Tags

Yesterday we looked at how to create meta description tags and the importance of writing for both the search engines and for your human audience. Today we will focus on optimizing meta keyword tags.

We are going to consult the Kristopher B. Jones’s book Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing 2nd ed.

meta keywords

Meta Keyword Tags:

Meta keyword tags are maybe the least important factor to optimize your SEO wordpress blog with. They contain keywords and phrases that are separated by commas and are used to describe that particular Web page.

As we learned earlier with meta description tags, search engines give little importance to meta keyword tags. But just because they give little consideration doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize your pages for them. What little contributions they give will help, and we don’t know what new search engine algorithms will use in the future.

The meta keyword tag is located within the head section of the HTML code and looks like this:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”list of keywords”>

You should create a unique meta keyword tag for every page of your SEO blog or Web site. Use relevant keywords for each page (no more than ten) and don’t duplicate for other Web pages.

Check out SEO Centro to help analyze your meta tags. This tool verifies all tags and even suggest ideas to improve upon them.


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