On The Page Factors: Meta Description Tags

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, I’m going to revisit meta description tags and see how they relate to On The Page Factors.

HTML Description

Meta Description Tags:

Meta description tags, as we know, give a description of the Web page to the search engines. And some search engines still use that description on the display information for your audience.

Now there may be many SEO specialists that don’t see the importance of meta description tags because they have no relevance on search engine rankings anymore, and technically they are correct (however, it was probably some of those specialists that tried to game the system in the first place that caused the devaluing of meta tags).

Search Engine Land gives meta description tags medium importance because even as just a “dislpay factor” meta description tags cause audience engagement and helps drive traffic to your SEO wordpress blog.

When is it important to use meta description tags?

Shari Thurow from Search Engine Land breaks down strategies for text-based and non text-based files. “Meta-tag keywords and description became more important when the search engines are not able to determine the “aboutness” of a file, such as a video file. In this situation, a keyword-focus meta-tag description can make or break search engine visibility.”

Different companies will have different strategies when it comes to optimizing their meta tags. I believe it is just good practice to optimize all of your pages, because having a complete properly optimizied page is better than not having one.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:


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