On The Page Factors: Header Tags

Imagine that you are reading a book – let’s say it is the Grapes of Wrath. Now imagine that there are no chapters written in the book.  How would you know what parts of the story go together? One minute you’re meeting Tom Joad; the next minute you’re reading about a turtle crossing the street.

Header tags are like the chapters of a book; they are the way to identify the key sections of your SEO wordpress blog pages.

HTML Headers

Header Tags:

Header tags are located within the body section of the HTML code and looks like this:

<h1> “Text” </h1>

You can arrange the levels of importance from most important <h1> to least important <h6>. Tags enclosed with <h1> appear larger than <h6> tags.

Header tags used to be a way to increase the chance to be found for keywords, but just like meta description tags, SEO specialists went too far and got header tags devalued for search engine ranking factors.

Header tags still makes sense to put in your Web page. Not only do they add a logical format to your topics and content,  but you are also providing visual clues to the keywords and key topics of that Web page to your audience.

Use headers as they make sense. If you have a SEO wordpress blog (like this one) I just use the title as my header.

CSS: Tag Appearances:

Not all header tags have a pleasant appearance for your Web page. Appearances can be modified through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Add this CSS code into the header of the HTML code:

<style type=”text/css”>
<! —
h1 {
Font-size: 20px;
Font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
Color: blue; }
— >

Note – You can change the appearance to what works best for your Web page. Play around and see what looks best.

We will get into CSS further later, but this is a good starting point.

Check out w3schools to get great tutorials on learning how to do HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and much, much more.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:


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