Optimize Images

We discovered a few key meta tags that will help optimize our SEO wordpress blog. We will come back more in-depth later as we get more  comfortable with HTML code and CSS.

So today before we get into the next stage of the SEO Table of Ranking Factors, we are going to look at how to optimize images.

We are using steps from Kristopher B. Jones’s book Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing 2nd ed.

Google Images

Optimize Images: 

Sometimes you may have or want to use images on your SEO wordpress blog or Web site instead of just using text. Adding pictures adds color and it compels your audience to stay on your site longer.

The problem is that search engines can not read images. You need to optimize your page with an alt image tag.

The alt image tag is located within an <IMG> tag and looks like this:

<IMG SRC=”image.jpg”ALT=”A description of image.”>

The alt image tag gives a textual replacement for the image. If an image does not display properly, the alt image tag appears in its place. It also will appear if you place a mouse over the image.

It is always a good idea to write a unique description for all of your images rather than just keyword stuff. Doing so can result in a ranking penalty, so write clear, unique descriptions.

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