On The Page Factors: Site Crawability

The last major group for on the page factors is site architecture. Wikipedia gives a good definition, “an  approach to the design and planning of websites which involve technical, aesthetic, and functional criteria.”

Wikipedia also notes, “This requires particular attention to web content, a business plan, usability, interaction design, information architecture and web design. For effective search engine optimization it is necessary to have an appreciation of how a single website relates to the World Wide Web.”

On The Page Factors

Having the right (correct) Web site structure can help and enhance your SEO campaign. Having a wrong site architecture can destroy it.

Architecture Crawl

Site Crawability:

The first site architecture element we are going to look at is site crawability – how easy it is for search engine spiders and your audience to “crawl” and find content on your SEO wordpress blog or Web site.

How it works:

Think of the Internet as a book and your Web site like a chapter. When someone  searches for keywords relevant to your site, the search engine finds the chapter for your Web site and other sites it thinks is relevant for that particular keyword search.

To be found though, you need to be found in the book. And to be found in that book, your Web site needs to be crawlable. To be crawlable, a good place to start is by updating your coding language. Using programs like JavaScript and Flash can potentially hide links or content on your Web page. Even updating coding from HTML to HTML5 and CSS to CSS3 can help you improve your site architecture.

There are other factors that also help with site crawability like having valid links, fast-loading pages, descriptive URLs, and some other factors. We will get into those other factors later. Just remember that they are all necessary to have a functioning site architecture.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:

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