On The Page Factors: Site Speed

Earlier we looked at site architecture and factors that led to crawability. Now we are going to look at a factor that helps with crawability issues and also is important enough to garner its own factor element.

Site speed is an important (but minor) factor for your SEO wordpress blog or Web site. Having a faster Web site not only might give you a tiny boost in the search rankings, but your target audience would enjoy it as well.

Architecture Speed

Site Speed:

It isn’t a surprise that a company whose major core value is to bring the world’s information as fast as possible would count site speed as a ranking factor. The reason behind all of this is from an experiment Google ran in 2009. The research says that even by slowing down a search by a couple hundred milliseconds that it  found about 0.2%-0.6% fewer searches.* The whole point of the Internet is to engage with an audience – whether it be to give information, sell merchandise, or talk with a friend via social media. Fewer searches gives you less of a chance to talk with your audience.

*Google even goes as far as to show you how fast it finds your search queries.

Google does say not to sacrifice relevant content for site speed. There are other factors – like content creation – that are more important than site speed. But it can possibly help impact your site.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:


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