Reviewing On The Page Factors

So we just finished the first major group of Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors – On The Page Factors.

Now let’s just take a quick review of what we learned  – Cliff Notes-style!

On The Page


“On The Page search ranking factors are those that are entirely within the publisher’s own control. What type of content do you publish? Are you providing important HTML clues that help search engines with determining relevancy? How does your site architecture help or hinder search engines?”


Quality Content

Quality Content:

Your SEO wordpress blog or Web site needs to create unique, well-written, and relevant copy to your page. Having updated and fresh content is “literally the cornerstone upon which other factors depend.”

Keyword Research

Keyword Research:

Keyword generation impacts your entire SEO wordpress blog like directory files, title tags, and content. Creating head terms and tail terms will fill out your search volume and help your site be found by your target audience.

Content Words

Content Words:

Writing focused, keyword-rich content that uses the same language as your audience is key for optimizing your SEO wordpress blog. And always keep in mind headers, captions, anchor text, and ALT tags.

Content Engagement

Content Engagement:

Engage with your audience and foster a relationship to have them keep coming back. Communicate regularly, ask for imput, branch out… all will help in turning a visitor into a customer.

Content Freshness

Content Freshness:

Keeping content fresh could provide a boost to your SEO wordpress blog rankings. Updating quality content frequently, how often you update content, and links all provide a fresh factor.


Title Tags

Title Tags:

HTML title tags tells the search engines and your audience what your SEO wordpress blog is about by describing the content of your web page. Having short, descriptive title tags can help your page rank for key terms.

Meta Description Tag

Meta Description Tags:

While meta description tags no longer have relevance for search engine rankings, they still are an important factor because it can help drive traffic to your SEO wordpress blog. It also helps search engines find the “aboutness” of a page.

Header Tags

Header Tags:

Header tags is a way to identify the important information and key sections in your SEO wordpress blog. They can increase the chance to be found for certain keywords, and they provide an eye-friendly format for your audience.

Site Architecture: 

Architecture Crawl

Site Crawability:

Having an easily “crawled” site can help search engine spiders find and index pages from your SEO wordpress blog. If your site can be easily “crawled,” it should be easy to navigate and follow by your audience, as well.

Site Speed

Site Speed:

“The whole point of the Internet is to engage with an audience. Fewer searches gives you less of a chance to talk with your audience.” And gives them fewer chances to find your SEO wordpress blog.

Architecture URL

Architecture URL:

Creating short, descriptive URLs can increase traffic to your SEO wordpress blog. In fact, searchers are twice as likely to click on a short URL than a long URL.


Go to the links to get more in-depth coverage of On The Page Factors.

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