In the news: YouTube spends $100 million on TV

The front page on today’s USA Today caused quite a stir by announcing that Google-owned YouTube is looking to spend $100 million for production companies to create YouTube-only entertainment programs in an effort to increase its footprint in TV.

The vision among these video pioneers are that this will increase viewing time and draw more viewers. “The mission: capture audiences with narrowly defined interest areas and the advertisers who covet them.”

Young Hollywood goes YouTube

This vision is helped being paid off with the increase in technology of faster downloading speeds, an increase of smartphones and tablets, and Internet-connected TVs. No longer will watching TV just be watching TV. Viewers will be more engaged, more social, and consume more.

Tracy Swedlow, CEO of Interactive TV Today shores some input. “People will see something and want to tweet about it instantly, or maybe go online and buy a product they’ve just seen.

A Nielsen survey shows that an average person watches a half-hour on online videos a week, and that number doubles among 25-to 34-year-olds.

YouTube hopes that by increasing its footprint more in TV shows (rather than just user-produced videos) that celebrities and major studios will climb on board and contribute content.

YouTube is taking a sizable gamble that this $100 million investment. But this is a calculated move. YouTube generates 800 million unique visitors each month and has 48 hours of video uploading time every minute. The dawn of the new age of television is near and its name is YouTube.


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