Off The Page Factors: Link Quality

Back to the grind.

We just finished and reviewed the first major group of SEO rankings – On The Page Factors. Now we will dive into the second major group – Off The Page Factors.

From Search Engine Land:

“Off The Page ranking factors are those that publishers cannot directly control. Search engines use these because they learned long ago publisher signals alone don’t help relevancy. Some publishers will try to make themselves seem more relevant than they are, for example.

More important, with billions of web pages to sort through, looking only at on-the-page clues isn’t enough. More signals are needed to better estimate what are the best pages for any particular search.”

Off The Page Factors

The first section for Off The Page Factors are Link Building. Today it is the most important Off The Page Factor to help improve your SEO wordpress blog.

Link Quality

Link Quality:

Search engines  calculate links and consider the quality of the linking Web site and what the link says to determine the authority of your Web site. Having quality Web sites link to your SEO blog will increase your relevancy and authority.

Search engines will count all of the links to your Web site, but they don’t count them all equally. Hence, link “quality” not “quantity.” As mentioned above, authoritative and relevant sites that link to your SEO blog will be counted more than if some random, poor site linked to your SEO wordpress blog.

So what should you do to get quality links?


A way to help find authoritative sites is to use PageRank (although, this is only an estimate and not even available through Chrome*). PageRank gives a numerical weighting, between zero (low) to ten (high), to each link back to a Web site. The purpose is to measure the importance of the pages of that linked Web site.

*Google removed PageRank from it’s Google Toolbar settings because it wanted to stop SEO specialists to stop focusing on PageRank so much, and there are more important factors to consider.

Use PageRank as a guide to help you find authoritative sites to start a link building campaign. You can check other Web sites to see if they have a good PageRank and see if you will add them to your link building campaign.

Email Campaign:

PageRank isn’t the end-all of link building, but it is a helpful tool to use. In addition, you should create an email campaign to reach out to your peers. Find relevant and authoritative Web sites to try to create a partnership with and see if they could use the information from your SEO blog.

Things to remember:

  • Use customized email for each contact, otherwise it comes off as spam.
  • Find the best contact person, not just anyone can give permission to link to your Web site.
  • Get straight to the point. You are interrupting their busy day. Be cordial and to the point. Don’t waste their time, because it will also waste yours.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:

Link Week column is a weekly updated forum about information about link building. This is an awesome tool to help you in your link building strategy.


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