More on link building

Developing a link building campaign can be a daunting task, especially if you’re like me and have never done so before. Earlier we skimmed the surface of starting a link build campaign; today we’ll dive a little deeper to get a better comprehension on the subject.


As with most all SEO practices, research is key to any successful campaign. One of the first steps of research is evaluating competition. Finding out what is working for your strongest competitors can give you a blueprint for what can work for you.

Create a list of your top competitors. Find the pages on their site that you intend to target. Then find the links. To find links you will want to use Google and Yahoo to get a comprehensive list.

Google’s link query:

  • Go to
  • Enter “link:Web site”

The list of linking sites might be small, but these are probably the sites that will rank best for Google.

Yahoo’s linkdomain:

  • Go to
  • Enter “linkdomain: Web site”

The list for Yahoo should yield a larger query list and should be used in your comprehensive list.

Other tools are also available to help with link building. SEObook has a couple of nice (free and paid) tools to help break down your link list.

After you have your list you can find potential linking partners. Make sure that they create their own relevant content to your page’s subject matter. Also try to get the pages that rank well for the keywords you wish to rank for. Older domains will be weighted higher than newer domains. Acquiring domains with .edu and .gov extensions also get weighted more than a typical .com or .net site. The more authoritative the Web site, the better.

As we discussed earlier, acquiring a few links from high-quality, authoritative sites will  have a greater search engine optimization impact than obtaining several lower quality sites.

If you’re not sure if the site you are looking at is authoritative, you can check PageRank to see how authoritative Google believes them to be.

Once you have your final list you can request one-way links. One-way link requests are when you send an email to a Web site owner expressing interest in obtaining a link to your SEO wordpress blog.

Be concise in your message. Identify aspects of your Web page that they would find beneficial want to link to. If you can list references, do it. Then provide the location of your site. If you want, you may provide anchor text.

Building a quality link campaign is going to be an essential part for your SEO campaign. This will help your site build credibility and make it more authoritative.


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