Off The Page Factors: Number of Links

We went at length going over the vital importance of gaining quality links and establishing descriptive anchor text. If you need to get a refresher course, you can review quality links, and link building techniques and creating anchor text.

Today we are going to take a look at link numbers.

Link Numbers

Link Numbers:

As we look at the type of links to try and achieve, quality links are always better than just sheer number of links. But that doesn’t mean that massive number of links don’t add up for your SEO strategy.

Trying to gain links does not mean spamming. Spamming, as we will learn later, is a quick way to get a ranking violation for your SEO WordPress blog.

So how do you gain a lot of links?

The way to gain links are from viral linkbaiting – content created to be shared by many people. Tom Schmitz, from Search Engine Land, gives some tips on how to create a viral linkbaiting strategy.

“Over the years, link builders have identified a few common link bait strategies. Lists vary, but they generally look like this:

  • News Stories
  • Debate Articles
  • Attack Articles
  • Resource Lists, How-to Articles and Infographs
  • Humorous Stories
  • Incentive Pieces (Contests, Awards)

A good place to learn about each strategy is The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited by Todd Malicoat.”

There are a variety of ways to get your story out to your audience and beyond. Make it easy for your audience to link to your material. Placing social media icons in your story is an easy way to get your audience to share your article. But while social media links are useful, getting your article placed on a Web page or blog is the best way to try to get your audience to share your content. If Webmasters are linking to your content, they have found the information useful and they think it is useful for their audience, too.


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