Off The Page Factors: Social Shares

Social media is the “next big thing.” It is crucial to have a social media campaign involved in all of your marketing strategies. You are missing out opportunities to talk with your audience and build your network if don’t have embark in social media.

Participation is a must. Tweeting on twitter, creating a Facebook fan page, starting a LinkedIn group, sharing with your circles on Google+, and writing SEO WordPress blogs are just a few way to get your message out and create evangelists for your Web site.

Social Shares

Social Shares:

Social sharing is a great way to get a visual display for your content. Search engines now show “+1s” and “Likes” in their SERPs. While the impact of obtaining these have little affect on your search engine optimization, they are a useful to show the popularity of your page.

Another useful reason for social sharing is that it is a great traffic driver for you Web site. And, similar to link building, obtaining quality social shares gets more weight than shares from less quality of followers. This is because more authoritative figures will likely have more followers and can help spread your message quickly.

Make it easy for your audience!

If you have have great, useful content people will want to share it with their friends. Make it easy for them. Put up social media icon widgets that will allow your audience to retweet or like or share your content. Help yourself get your word out and increase traffic to your SEO WordPress blog.

Later we will get more into finding a social media strategy that works best for you. We will look at certain factors to consider like searching for your audience, building a campaign, and measuring ROI.

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