Optimizing Niche Social Networking Sites

This digression of learning about social media has taught us useful information that can help with our Off The Page factors.

We have learned that your social reputation delivers an impact for your SEO campaign. Having a strong base of followers helps build your brand and helps sends out your message. We also build traffic for our SEO WordPress blog through social sharing. We have reviewed different social media platforms that your audience can likely be found on, and we have determined the factors to look at when trying to measure your R.O.I.

So having a Facebook page is a great start, but what if you are looking to interact with like-minded professionals? Then it looks like you need to find a niche social networking site.


LinkedIn could be what you are looking for. LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site, and was launched in 2003. Since then:

  • 135 million registered users
  • 40 million users in the US
  • 21 million monthly unique visitors in US
  • 47 million monthly unique visitors worldwide
  • 34 million unique visitors, up 63% from previous year

LinkedIn allows users to create “Connections”- a list of contacts that you have a relationship with. It also allows users to find jobs, people, and businesses. This is a great site to build a professional network and foster business relationships.

LinkedIn makes it harder for spammers to clog the discussions and they can be banned from groups. After you have an account created, you can start your own group (either public or private). Here you can fill out some basic information such as group name, logo and type, writing a summary and description, and allowing you the ability to set up an auto-join or request to join group feature.


After you have started your group, you can create a group rules (A user agreement that sets the guidelines to interact with the page). Members can start or join a discussion, search for other members (which could possibly lead to more Connections), and search for promotions and jobs. On the right hand side of the screen, you can also view a manager’s choice and recent updates from the group page.

Group Statistics

Also on the right hand side is a group statistics (not shown). LinkedIn provides a great dashboard that provides visual inforgraphics about the statistics for your group. You can view a summary of the info, and you can also view demographics, growth, and activity. All measurements that will be used for your R.O.I.

LinkedIn is a great resource to build a niche social networking site. Being able to consult and interact with professionals in the same market can be huge in finding a target audience to help preach your brand and drive traffic.


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