Optimizing Social Bookmarking Sites

Cute Attack










Social bookmarking sites allows users to organize, store, and manage their bookmarks. Bookmarking or tagging allows items to be easily accessible, and is important for social sites allowing users to share topics with others in the same community.

The Web site Delicious back in 2003 started the social bookmarking craze. It allows its users to “collect and showcase your passions from across the web.”



“Delicious helps you find cool stuff and collect it for easy sharing. Dig into stacks created by the community, and then build your own!”

To get started you “drop the Delicious bookmarklet in your browser bar and use it to add websites to themed stacks. ” You personalize links and add comments to share with friends. Delicious allows users to either have private “themed stacks” or “public stacks.”

You can create stacks of whatever you’re interested in – Cute Animal Pictures, Angry Birds, and Social Media Analytics.


After you create your stack you can collaborate with others in the community. Your community can comment on your stack and recommend other links.

Sharing within stacks brings a very specific target audience. These are qualified followers that can provide valuable information about your products or service. Getting to better know your audience and understanding their needs will only help better serve your social media campaign.


On the right side of the screen, you can view your statistics for your stack. You can measure page views, followers, and retweets, and likes. All of these are key measurements for your R.O.I.


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