Optimizing Social Events Sites

There was this tiny pub, well, that’s putting it gently. Let’s call it what it really was, a hole in the wall. But this place was awesome to go to during college. Cheap drinks, fried food, and walking distance from my house near campus. They even had live music from local bands during the weekends. Much time of my formative years were spent in that place.

I’m sure most of you have the same type of place to imbibe in where you are from. So wouldn’t it be nice if your local watering hole had a form of social media to let you know about the party?

Social events sites provide you with this opportunity. These sites allow you to post public events and promote them. The events can be either virtual or physical, and it allows you to connect directly with your consumer.

Social Events Sites:

Yahoo Upcoming

Two social events sites have distinguished themselves over the others, Upcoming and Eventful. Both are similar in that you have to sign in to view “My Events” and to interact with the community. Both sites also let you search for events by name and location. For each event you can tell the community if you’re going or not, and you can tell them what venues you enjoy the most. You may also purchase tickets from the sites.

There is a stark difference between the two sites. Upcoming looks more austere while Eventful has a busy-looking site. Upcoming appears to have more variety of events from different venues, where as Eventful seems to only display the main stream acts. These may seem like subtle differences, but could potentially have a dramatic affect on many aspects of your business like finding your target audience, connecting with them, and, most importantly, getting them to attend your event.


If you were the owner of that pub you would be able to use these  sites to publicize your events and stay connected with your patrons. You would perhaps be able to find new patrons by advertising those local bands and getting their fans to come visit. As an owner you need to get the word out for your company any way possible, and getting involved with social events sites can do wonders for your business.


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