Off The Page Factors: Trust, Authority

After going through some of the different types of social media, we finally get back to the off the page factors. So today we are going to get into looking at a website’s Trust and Authority.

Off The Page Factors






A website’s trust plays a vital role in gaining its search engine ranking. Having established authority could help determine whether your website succeeds or fails.

Trust Authority




Trust Authority:

The main goal of your marketing strategy is to create awareness and familiarity for your consumer to purchase your product and to keep them coming back. You want to be synonymous with that brand where your audience thinks of you (and not your competitors) first.

The great brands out there are the one’s where we don’t even think about the generic versions. When you go shopping do you look for Q-Tips or cotton swabs? Kleenex or tissue? Band-Aids or adhesive bandages? Coke or soda? All of these brands have great trust and authority with their audience.

Building trust and authority will make you widely recognized in your field. This is the aim for your website. There isn’t an exact formula for calculating a website’s authority, but many factors probably play a role. Receiving multiple quality links and, social media references, and audience engagement all likely play a role building trust and authority for your website.

Having a website that is high in authority is hard to come by. This isn’t a fly-by the night operation. You won’t get overnight success, but having an authoritative website will greatly influence your search engine rankings.

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