Off The Page Factors: Trust History

Most, if any, websites don’t start off as a trustworthy authority to either your audience or to search engines. It could take weeks, months, perhaps years to create that kind of profile among your peers. You are going to have to pay your dues.

Search engines visit your site constantly. They are gathering data and “tells” to how your website runs and operates and what kind of content you’re producing. And in doing so, they then understand your site’s history.

Trust History




Trust History:

Your website’s history is one of the many potential flags that search engines look at for search engine ranking factors. They try to determine your behavior. They look at the type of links you’re reaching out to, and what kind of content you are publishing. They look at the frequency of when you publish your posts. And from all of these queues they can see how your website typically functions.

So if you are suddenly giving links to poor websites, and publishing content you don’t typically cover. All of these can be signals to search engines that may end up hurting your rankings.

Changes in websites don’t always have a negative affect on your track record. Search engines don’t treat all the same. Matt McGee from Search Engine Land puts it this way: “Individual SEO factors don’t exist in a vacuum; you can’t easily look at one factor and say it always matters to the same degree for every web site or web page. If has a one-year domain registration, it doesn’t matter. If has a one-year registration, it might … depending on what else Jimmy has been doing.”

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