Off The Page Factors: Personalization

Long ago when dinosaurs like AOL ruled the Internet world all search results were the same. Today, while SERPs appear similar, search engines like Google and Bing provide a more personalized experience.

Google is even taking personalized searches to the next level with its new Search Plus Your World. Here, as we have learned earlier, Google integrates your social media thumbprint into your search results. Your public and private content will be shown in its search results.

Off The Page Factors

Personalizing results didn’t just happen over night. There are many factors that have led to this new personalized experience that have constantly been added and updated. So let’s take a look at the first one.

Personalized Country




Personalized Country:

Knowing what country you are in will help determine the relevancy of your search results. Suppose you are in the US searching for “football.” Your results would likely bring up articles about the NFL. But if you were in the UK searching for “football” you will likely see articles on the Premiere League.

If your website does not appear to be relevant for other countries, it will have no chance to be shown. If you want to have an multinational presence, you’ll have to improve upon your international SEO.

To be successful in both your local and international SEO you should follow these steps from Andy Atkins-Kruger on Search Engine Land:

  • Keyword content is essential – Keyword patterns are commonly used to determine the locality of the search. This includes not only the inclusion of geographic terms, but the position of those terms.
  • Use IP addresses – Use IP addresses for targeting queries that are specific to geographic locations.
  • Growing mobile importance – “Mobile is key simply to reach people because the landline infrastructure is not as effective”
  • Listing physical address – List all physical locations through Google Maps or Google Places.
  • Display correct prices – Pricing, taxes, and distribution costs need to be correct from country to country.

Additional Reading From Search Engine Land:

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