Off The Page Factors: Personalization Locality

Personalizing your search engine results go way past just optimizing for countries. They also tailor matches depending on your metropolitan area that you are in. Getting into specific locations helps bring more relevant search results.

The rules that apply for personalizing countries also apply to locality. If you want to be successful, these rules are a must: control your keywords, use IP addresses, optimize for mobile, list physical addresses, and display correct prices.

Personalizing Locality




Personalizing Locality:

Kansas City metropolitan area straddles the borders of the states of Missouri and Kansas. When Dorthy was playing games with Toto and he bit the insufferable Miss Almira Gulch that was in Kansas. When the Kansas City Royals host the 2012 All Star Game (to which I will be in attendance… jealous?) that will be in Missouri.

Having such a unique geographic location, local SEOs have to be extremely diligent when it comes to their marketing campaigns. That means going back to the basics and comprehensively optimizing your website with basic SEO strategies – optimizing titles, meta tags, H1s, alt tags, and links.

Follow these steps closely, especially if you are a small business  owner or are in a competitive field in your area. Most of this will sound familiar.

  • Keyword Research – Conduct keyword research to expand your business. Consider different keyword combinations. Consider what your customer will search for. A familiar customer may search for you by name, but an unfamiliar customer may look for a generic term. Some searches may include local qualifiers “city and your company” but also consider nicknames and abbreviations “Kansas City schools” or “KC schools.” This type of research can save your time and money.
  • Title Tags – Your web pages title tags can be are very influential for your customers. Make sure that your homepage contains the main keyword phrase and include locality name and business name, as well. For example “Kansas City Dental School: UMKC.”
  • Standardize Your Contact Information “NAP” – Search engines attempt to compile all information from several searches to provide data about each business. They base this information primarily on your business’s name, address, and phone number “NAP.” To help this process flow smoothly, you need to make sure your NAP is written identically on every website that you might be listed at. Follow telecommunication standards and format your telephone number with parenthesis or dashes (555) 111-2222 or 555-111-2222.
  • Optimize Business Profiles – Rankings and PageRank were built through links, but getting “citations” or references from authoritative online directories can confirm the business’s relevancy.
  • Claim Listings – Earn citations through Yahoo Local, Bing Maps, and Google Places. This gives search engines more confidence in your business.

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