Off The Page Factors: Personal History

Not to get all “Big Brother” on everyone, but the people and companies that run the web can see everything that you do while you are surfing the Internet. They can see what type of searches you make, the websites you look at, and how long you spend your time there. But don’t believe that they all have sinister motives. Search engines can use this date to help customize your results.

Search engines are taking these personalized results to the next level. They started by changing the normal universal search results to more personalized with taking your country and locale into consideration and also your browsing history to give the websites you visit the most a rankings boost and become more relevant in your searches.

Personal History




Personal History:

Search engines can determine the influence of your search results from how you act on the web. If you +1’d or “Liked” a website or if you shared a link on Twitter can all influence your personalized search results.

Google and Bing are using these results to try to create more relevant results for their users. Let’s say that you do a lot of online shopping with Amazon. The search engines detect this pattern and start to show more Amazon links in search results that might not typically show them.

Next we will discuss how your social connections can affect your off the page factors for your SEO campaign.

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