Off The Page Factors: Personal Social Connections

Who you follow in your social circles matters. These social connections can influence what you see on your search engine. Personalized search results are customized by friends’ and followers’ actions. Have they +1’d a website? Have they “liked” an organization? Have they posted or retweeted a link? All of these actions are shown through the search engine results.

Almost all of this material was covered in previous articles. Reread posts about Search Plus Your World, and our social media section, which covered how Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others influence your SEO campaign.

Personal Social




Personal Social Connections:

Having a broad social network can influence and change how you view the web. It can also make it easier for your to share content with others. If a follower sees that you +1’d something, that can build trust and authority with them. This makes it another way to build your presence on the web.

So let’s say, for instance, that you were looking for terms “search engine optimization,” “how to SEO,” or “SEO wordpress blog.” Without personalized searches, chances are websites like this wouldn’t sniff the top of the page because of still competition. But now, with personalized social results, if you +1’d, liked, or retweeted a website about SEO, let’s say, oh, myseoadventure, it now has a chance to get shown in those search results.

Not all search engines are the same…

The major search engines, Google and Bing, have different social signals they display for their search results. Google shows +1’s and Twitter shares, but not Facebook “likes.” This is because they can’t get the data because of Facebook’s privacy policy, but also perhaps because Google wants to push Google+, which is the direct competitor of Facebook. Bing, on the other hand, uses Facebook “likes” to integrate into their search results. Not all searches yield personal results, but as more and more personal social sharing becomes prevalent, search engines will continue to increase integration into normal search results.

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