Violations Factors: Thin Content

So far we’ve discussed the positive influences on your search engine ranking factors. Now we will discuss factors that have a negative impact on your SEO marketing.

The first negative factor we will look at are violations and spamming penalties. Search engines look at a variety of signals to determine if your SEO tactics deserve a rankings penalty.

Violation Penalty

As we saw last week, Google’s new algo to combat low-quality websites from top of search rankings has been in place for the past year. Search engines are combating with these scraper sites to allow high-quality sites back to the top of the search rankings.

To be sure you don’t get caught in Panda’s claws, make sure you follow (or rather avoid) these SEO violations.

Thin violations

Violations Thin Content:

Now that the Panda update is in full swing, websites have to work harder to not be negatively impacted. And one reason why your website has been affected was because your website has thin content.

Google looks at websites that put out low-quality, or in some cases stolen, content that are pushing better, higher quality sites down in the search rankings. Panda’s algo is used to distribute those lower quality sites back down to the bottom of the search rankings because of their poorly written, or unabashedly stolen, content.

Search engines are looking the creation of substantial and valuable content. To make sure you don’t get negatively impacted by this ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it high-quality and engaging?
  • Is it original?
  • Does it provide better content than other websites based on the same search query?
If you answered “yes” to all of these questions chances are you are providing quality content that the search engines will love. If you have questions about the type of content you are publishing, you may be in violations about creating thin content. Take an objective look at your site, and if you have some pages that may not be of the highest quality, change them so you won’t be hit by Panda.

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