Violations: Keyword Stuffing

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving, and it is probably the same reason why most of you enjoy it, too. It is because of the food! All of that turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli cheese rice, fresh baked bread, and the stuffing! All of that delicious food, but what happens after you’re done eating? Food coma time!

Aside from the bad analogy, websites can often feel like they just had one too many servings at Thanksgiving. They can be bloated, bogged down, and slow when they get stuffed on keywords.

keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing, either in your copy or in your alt tags, can lead to penalizing in your search rankings. And just like all of our New Year’s Resolutions, our websites need to go on a diet.

If your website is suffering from our stuffing keywords, it is time to cut the fat.

If you are using this technique you can actually hurt your search engine rankings. If you are using keywords in excess or if you are plugging in words that have nothing to do with the page topic, beware, because Google will find you

Use common sense when optimizing your SEO WordPress blog or website. Use the best tactics that will make your website look professional, clean, and user-friendly for your audience. As we all know, this isn’t an exact science. Will your copy look better with three keywords or stuffed with twenty keywords? Use your best judgement and obey the law or risk having your website get penalized. 


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