Violations: Hidden Text

Happy leap day!

When I started this little adventure I only had a vague idea at what search engine optimization actually was. I didn’t jump feet first without testing the water beforehand. But when my friends ask what my blog is about they get a vacant stare in their eyes before almost always asking, “What?” And it’s true that SEO is kind of like the C.I.A. – people know what we’re here for but don’t know exactly what we do. Although SEOs aren’t required to carry a gun, which is a very good thing for search engines.

I bring this up because of these next couple of elements we will be discussing. These black hat tactics make SEO seem like a magic trick or gimmick rather than actual marketing techniques. The first violation we will look at is hidden text.

violations hidden text

Hidden Text:

This is a spam technique used to trick search engines. Search engines want to see what the users see and using hidden text tactics like display: none, changing font size to zero, changing font color to blend with the background, or hiding text behind images can all lead to violations against search engines.

Hiding text can be perceived as untrustworthy because it misrepresents information provided to your audience. If you are trying to deceive search engines you need to be prepared for the repercussions.

Beware of using these tactics to hide your text. You run the risk of having your website banned from the search engines. Tomorrow we will look at what happens when you take hidden text to the next level.


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