Wave Speech

3 years, 9 months, and 18 days…

1,390 days…

33,336 hours…

2,000,160 minutes…

120,009,600 seconds…

Time flies? Hardly.

I graduated from Rockhurst University on May 16, 2008, and since that date I have been doggedly determined to find a job, to establish a career, to start anew. I have pursued many different fields from journalism to public relations to marketing and many other jobs in between. Doors closed. Windows opened. Rejections came. Then more rejections came.

Timing is everything… 

The summer of 2008 when I graduated from school I had job opportunities lined up. I thought I had everything planned out. Then, the worst recession since  the Great Depression hit the economy. Jobs disappeared. Plans changed. And waiting began.

It was a battle to find someone to believe in me. It was a battle to believe enough in myself. It obviously wasn’t an easy road. I took the road less traveled. But I came out on the other side. I waded through the woods, through the darkness. I admit it was hard to find the light. It was difficult to see the end.

It’s all about who you know…

Networking is key when trying to get into whatever profession you choose. There is no other way around it. Businesses don’t want to invest time and money unless someone they know can vouch, and vouch well, for you. They want to know that you are reliable, smart, motivated, good worker, enthusiastic, and a dozen other qualities to make sure you are a correct fit for them.

And even then, having someone on the inside doesn’t guarantee success. You will be rejected. You will fail. Many times. Persistence is essential. An annoying perseverance is critical. Tough skin and strong will are what will keep you going until the next opportunity.

A new beginning…

Today I accepted a job as a SEO specialist with an advertising agency in the Kansas City metro area. The journey was long and arduous. It was a compelling, life-changing moment. It is exciting to start a new beginning, to finally after all of this time – every last second of it – to get the chance to start the new stage of my life.

This is a reminder to everyone who is in a tight spot; to those people who have had doors slammed in their face; to people who constantly are told no: Keep you head up. Keep driving those feet. Don’t stop moving. Go forward. You will see the light. You will reach your destination – even if you took the long route.

I’ll end with a quote from Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book, What the Dog Saw.

Growing up, I never wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be a lawyer, then in my last year of college, I decided I wanted to be in advertising. I applied to 18 advertising agencies in the city of Toronto and received 18 rejection letters, which I taped in a row on my wall. I thought about graduate school, but my grades weren’t quite good enough. I applied for a fellowship to go somewhere exotic for a year and was rejected. Writing was the thing I ended up doing by default, for the simple reason that it took me forever to realize that writing could be a job. Jobs were serious and daunting. Writing was fun.


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