Violations: Link Spam

One of the first things I do after I get ready for work is I get on the computer or tablet and I check out the news. Every day. I’ll go to the Kansas City Star website to get my local news for the day. I’ll hit a couple of sections, then make my way to sports. Now there are two things that I absolutely hate about the KC Star website and it has nothing to do with the content. One thing I hate are the constant stream of popup adds. The website isn’t very elegant, and the constant barrage of popup adds have caused me to skip complete articles from time to time. The second thing that I hate is the link spam in the comments section. A lot of the spam comes from foreign websites written in Cyrillic or Hangul trying to sell Nike’s or fake jewelry or whatever. If an article is littered with spam comments, I’m not going to waste my time reading through comments on their site. When I finally get fed up, I just move along to other websites and blogs that I read daily.

The second fastest way for me to leave your website – after not creating frequently updated, high-quality content – is getting link spammed. It’s like a gnat in your ear. It’s like flies swarming around your food. It’s like cicadas never-ending buzzing. You picking up on the analogies? Link spam are like tiny, annoying insects. All you want to do is swat them out of the air.

Link Spam

Link Spam:

Link Spam offers nothing of value to websites. Even with close moderation people will still send unsolicited, unaccountable spam that destroy user experiences. And what’s worst is that most websites have nofollow tags in their comments section so that the links don’t even gain credit in the search engines.

Unfortunately, spam is here to stay, because it often does work in the short term. But SEO professionals should take it amongst themselves to not add any more spam to the Internet than what already exists. If you have link spam as one of your SEO tactics, you should realize two things: 1.) Is that link spam doesn’t offer any thing of value to the web. 2.) You suck.


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