Blocking: Personal Blocking

We finally made it. After nearly four months of studying Search Engine Land’s Period Table of Search Engine Ranking Factors, we have come to our last ranking factor – Blocking.


Like violations, blocking elements have negative impacts on your SEO WordPress blog or website. Today we will look at the first element, personal blocking.

Personal Blocking

Personal Blocking:

“Blocking allows anyone who doesn’t like a search result from a site to block that site from ever appearing again in their search results.”

If a user is searching for keywords and your website is shown on the SERPs that user can block your website from showing at all. They can literally blacklist you from their search engines acting as their “own personal spam police.”

If people have enough reason to view your website as spam and want to actually ban you from showing up in their search results, you need to take a long look at the quality of the content you are publishing. If you don’t take the time to provide valuable content, you won’t reap the benefits of gaining a new audience.


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