Reviewing Violations

This is our third installment for reviewing Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors – Violations.

Let’s take a look at what we learned this past month.

Violations Element


“The first negative factor we will look at are violations and spamming penalties. Search engines look at a variety of signals to determine if your SEO tactics deserve a rankings penalty.”


Violations thin content

Thin Content:

“Google looks at websites that put out low-quality, or in some cases stolen, content that are pushing better, higher quality sites down in the search rankings. Panda’s algo is used to distribute those lower quality sites back down to the bottom of the search rankings because of their poorly written, or unabashedly stolen, content.”

violations keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing:

“Keyword stuffing, either in your copy or in your alt tags, can lead to penalizing in your search rankings. And just like all of our New Year’s Resolutions, our websites need to go on a diet.”

violations hidden text

Hidden Text:

“This is a spam technique used to trick search engines. Search engines want to see what the users see and using hidden text tactics like display: none, changing font size to zero, changing font color to blend with the background, or hiding text behind images can all lead to violations against search engines.”

violations cloaking


“Cloaking is more sophisticated and never an accident. Hence the greater ranking penalty. It allows you to show search engines something completely different than what your audience sees. ”

violations paid links

Paid Links:

“Paid links are when you solicit another site for a fee to carry descriptive anchor text for your website to help increase traffic and PageRank regardless of relevancy or quality of content.”

violations link spam

Link Spam:

“Link Spam offers nothing of value to websites. Even with close moderation people will still send unsolicited, unaccountable spam that destroy user experiences.”


Go to the links to get more in-depth coverage of Violations.


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