Reviewing Blocking

So that was a quick section!

Only two elements were involved with blocking, but don’t let that fool you! These are very important elements and should not be avoided in your SEO campaign.

blocking element


Blocking can have a negative impact on your SEO website. It can cause your website to lose ranking or even get banned.


blocking personal element

Personal Blocking:

“If a user is searching for keywords and your website is shown on the SERPs that user can block your website from showing at all. They can literally blacklist you from their search engines acting as their ‘own personal spam police.’”

blocking trust element

Trust Blocking:

“Having your site blocked by people can make the search engines think that your website is spam and give it a ranking penalty or worse. Obviously, if you are not seen in the search engines it is impossible for anyone to find you.”


Go to the links to get more in-depth coverage of Blocking.

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