Google Analytics: Visual Tutorials

One of the first things I realized that I needed to learn a lot more more from is Google Analytics. This is one of the most important – and most used – tools that an SEO specialist will use. If you are planning on running an effective search engine optimization campaign, you need to have Google Analytics set up on your website.

Google Analytics (GA) generates detailed statistics about visitors to a website. Users can review their online campaigns and track numerous stats such as: audience (which monitors demographics, behavior, technology, social, mobile, and visitors flow), advertising (Google AdWords), traffic sources (referral, direct, organic), content (site content, site speed, site search, events, Adsense), and conversions (goals and eCommerce).

All of these statistics can be easily viewed on a friendly dashboard. It shows whatever factors you are trying to measure with graphs and statistics that can be easily manipulated to fit what ever criteria you are searching for. By simply changing the parameters, you can easily view all of your pages in an easily accessible way.

Some of the basic analysis one would perform is searching for your audience traffic. You can run reports concerning site visitors, unique visitors, time on site, bounce rate (how often a person leaves your site on that page), types of  traffic. You can also track conversions and leads to see how many of your visitors purchased your product.

Your monthly (maybe more often?) report may look something like this.

Organic Traffic |   Total Traffic |   Conversions

150                             200                        25

Simplistic, but you get the point. Google Analytics can help change your SEO campaign around and help make you more efficient and streamlined.


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