My SEO Work

So over the past four months we have looked over the the foundations of search engine optimization. This work was paramount for me in understanding SEO concepts, but it doesn’t necessarily help with trying to apply in a real world environment.

The only way to remedy this fact is to put these foundations that we learn into action. That means putting in a lot of time and hard work. Currently I have an internship in which I optimize certain pages for the website. I focus on keyword integration and site architecture. I also just started my knew job in which I work with various clients – mostly in the education vertical. I incorporate all SEO strategies into each client’s campaigns.

So out next project is to show you some of the projects I will be working on and some of optimization processes I will be using.  You can just sit back and read how to implement these strategies and I’ll do all the hard work. Lucky you.


USA Glove

My internship is through USAGlove. This website focuses on selling men’s work gloves, women’s garden gloves, and cotton kids gloves. My main focus has been content creation and keyword optimization.

I service nine clients for work at my advertising firm; eight of which focus in the education vertical. These are new accounts for me, so I’ll just give their name and what type of school they are. We will go more in-depth with some of the projects I will be working on.


Colorado School of Trades – founded in 1947. Located in Lakewood, Colorado.

Hamrick Schools

Hamrick Schools – Located in Medina, Ohio.


Wellspring School of Allied Health – Located in Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas.


Milwaukee Career College – Located in… Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Weird, huh?


South Coast College – Founded in 1961. SCC is located in Orange, California.


Saint Louis University – Founded in 1818. SLU is located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Doane College

Doane College – Founded in 1872. Doane is located in Crete, Nebraska.

Wagner CAT

Wagner Cat – The one non-education client.

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