Social Media Blows Up

2012 Home Run Derby

The 2012 MLB All Star week was magical and awesome. It is a moment I will never forget. Kansas City has not been in the national spotlight like this since it hosted the Final Four in 1988 – I was three-years-old. As for the All Star game itself, well, it was kind of a dud. The real moment that will be remembered about the 2012 All Star week came during the Home Run Derby.

Backstory. Robinson Cano, the team captain for the Home Run Derby, said during an interview that he would like to take someone from the host team to take part in the contest. The Royals lone All-Star representative was Billy Butler. This led the entire fanbase to believe that Billy would represent the AL in his hometown. Only that didn’t happen. Cano ended up picking Angels LF Mark Trumbo and Billy got snubbed.

Needless to say, Royals fans were upset that they didn’t get to see their player compete in the derby, and they let everyone know about it. Cano came up for his round to a round of boos, and he was met with cheers whenever he got an out. What made this even more magical was how it didn’t stop. In fact, it grew louder. Everyone was in sync. It was a moment I will never forget. And it all happened because of social media.

Fans took to Twitter and Facebook. There wasn’t any official “Let’s Boo Cano” campaign, but everyone knew he wasn’t going to be greeted kindly by the fans in Kauffman. And when Cano kept making outs, the crowd fed off of it.

A well planned social media campaign can have a dramatic impact on your brand, audience, and your business. Having a strategic plan and implementing it in a consistent basis can increase your visibility and create real change.

Final Numbers

  • 1,611,940 – combined Twitter/Facebook comments 2012
  • 538,578 – combined Twitter/Facebook comments 2011
  • 199% increase from 2011-2012
  • 119,092 – attendance at All Star Game and Fanfest
  • 7.5% increase over 2011
  • 117 – Tweets made on personal Twitter account