Tour de KC – Blanc Burgers and Bottles

I have lived in Kansas City my entire life, and there are still many places that I have yet to have visited. This includes many eateries, diners, bars, and restaurants. So to remedy this, I am going on a tour of Kansas City to try all most of the best, popular, delicious places to eat in KC. Some places, like today’s first stop, I have visited previously, but I can’t deprive you from gazing longingly at these savory treats. So let’s dig in.

Tour de KC – Blanc Burgers and Bottles

We (my girlfriend, Sarah, and I) visited gourmet hamburger palace, Blanc Burgers and Bottles. This chic restaurant located on the Plaza has some of the best gourmet burgers you can find. These aren’t the typical grease burgers that you will find at any bar and grill, but you can order from a menu that includes American Kobe, braised short rib, bison, lentil, and Mahi Mahi.

Inside the decor is hip and trendy and with an outside patio, we chose to dine alfresco. We ordered the pretzel twists for appetizers. Cooked with fennel, these bread twists were served with house-made Dijon and Gouda cheese. I apologize, we were too hasty and forgot to take a before picture.

The bread was soft and warm – I love bread. The Gouda came out slightly cold, and the Dijon was very strong. The $5.95 price tag seemed to be inline with what you could get at a movie theater or a ball game, but I only wished that we could have gotten more. Very delicious and could have stolen the show.

The alfresco experience was a good idea until small sprinkles of water started falling overhead. This being Missouri and the fact we have been in a drought for seemingly 6 months and I forgot what rain was like. So we just moved under the umbrella and continued our meal. Rain was not going to deter from my carnivorous experience.

I had read in a local magazine about the “best of” KC and the vote for best burger was from Blanc. And to commemorate this they came out with a promotional burger – 435 burger. I’m a sucker for food photography and I was drooling at the jowls. This special burger was for a limited time only and I had to rush in to get it. It was not on the menu and the waiter was unsure of its existence. I tried to order it before he could even ask for our drinks, I was so excited. Another nearby waiter knew what I was asking and helped our waiter turn in our order. We both ordered the same burger with an order of Boulevard Pale Ale Onion Rings. Served in a small shopping cart, these crispy golden rings and a good chew on them and broke with a bite. The worst thing you can do with onion rings is to have the entire onion fall out with a bite. I’d propose with these rings if I could.

Back to the main dish, our waiter, who provided attentive service, filled us in on a little secret. This special commemorative burger was actually just the Classic with Bacon. I felt cheated, but the burgers looked fantastic nonetheless.

The Burger was made medium and served with homemade ketchup and Dijon with white cheese, pickles, thick-cut bacon, red onion, tomato, bibb lettuce on a sesame seed bun. I really liked that it even came with a pickle on the side. The burger was thick and juicy. The onions on the bottom proved to be tricky by the end, as the burger was sliding off the bun. I made good use of my napkin.

I washed everything down with a Coke.

The final bill came to $37.95 (before gratuity).