Tour de KC – McCormick and Schmick’s

It was that time of year again when I had to take the girlfriend out to a nice restaurant for our anniversary. This year we chose to go under the sea and visited McCormick and Schmick’s. The upscale seafood chain found on the Country Club Plaza.

Tour de Kc – McCormick and Schmick’s

The restaurant has an outside patio area with a fire pit, which looks like a perfect way to sit on a chilly November evening enjoying cocktails and waiting for a table. We had reservations for 7:30. The host was in his twenties and wore a black suit. He didn’t greet us as we walked to the counter and seemed disinterested. We gave our name and he responded, “Ok, I see you here. There are four in front of you.” Perturbed and a little confused we sat down and waited and waited. Finally at 7:50, we got seated at our table. What’s the point of having a reservation if you still have to wait?

Anyway, while I sat there stewing, I scanned the dining room and the decor. The dining room had deep-colored wood walls and stained-glass ceilings set the scene. Large Tiffany-like chandeliers overhang above each table, but gave little light. I would have preferred the main room with the domed roof and bar, but we had a great view of the outdoor firepit. The booths had privacy curtains. The tables were too close together. There was a family dining behind us, and they had a loud baby with them.

We ate by candlelight, but opted out of the appetizers as they were just as expensive as some main courses. We started off with a salad. I had the chopped and my girlfriend chose the Caesar salad. The salads were good yet unspectacular. The chopped salad was served with bacon, blue cheese and green olives. The lettuce was iceberg but it was sliced very thin. It was like it should rather be placed inside a taco rather than a salad. The Caesar salad was served with large garlic    croutons.

Next came the main course. We both ordered the Chef’s recommendations – just like a tourist, but I’m more comfortable ordering off a steak menu than seafood. I do live in BBQ capital of the world.

I ordered the Stuffed Atlantic Salmon – lump crab, bay shrimp, and brie – served on a bed of mashed potatoes and green beans. The one thing I’m all about responsible servings, but I don’t understand why smaller servings of food are served on large plates and bowls. I always have that underwhelmed feeling every time I see it, and that’s no way to start off a meal. The green beans were fresh but under-cooked. The salmon was flaky and tender. It was very delicious. The salmon wasn’t overstuffed, which I obviously was disappointed about.

My girlfriend ordered the pan-seared Corvina served on a bed of mashed potatoes and topped with shoe-string onion rings. I didn’t try the fish, but the onion rings were nice and salty, which paired well with the buttery fish and cheese.

Our waitress was busy with multiple tables throughout the night, but food was served promptly and our water was refilled. She was nice and took the time to answer any questions about the menu.

We also celebrated dinner with a glass of wine and I had a Stella Artois.

The final bill came to $97.17 (before gratuity).

Overall, if I had to grade the dining experience I would say the food was 7/10, service was 3/10, price (which I determine by price/meal+service) was 4/10.