Happy Birthday MJ

MJ turns 50

Michael Jordan turns 50 years old on Sunday, which in turn makes me feel old. I was a kid watching him play, and now I’m, well, not a kid anymore. His image, advertising, and movies (Space Jam) made him seem like a nice guy, but highly competitive people are rarely ever nice. They have that constant chip on their shoulder that makes them always want to prove something.  Once he finally got over the hump and started winning, he just simply refused to relinquish the crown. Very, very few people have that mindset, and that’s what drew me (like many others) to him.

MJ was the greatest competitor of all time, and he is (probably) the greatest basketball player of all time. ESPN has been doing a week-long celebration for his birthday. These videos always gets me pumped up every time.

Everybody wants to be like Mike.