Google Authorship: How To Get Your Picture to Show in Google

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Hey! Look who it is! 

Ever wonder how to get your picture to show up in Google? Well, I’m here to help you out. Not only is it cool to see your mug show up in the SERPs; it can also help your placement and rankings.

Google’s algorithm has largely been dependent on backlinks to your website. The more links going to your website, the better, and that helped get your page to rank. But with the release of Penguin over a year ago, Google has become much stricter over the types of links pointing to your website and will even penalize you for unnatural backlinks. Webmasters learned quickly that link farms and bad linking strategies were no longer going to cut it.

The launch of Google+ put Google in the social game. And with the expansion of Facebook’s “Likes” and Google+’s “+1s”, social cues have started filtering their way into ranking algorithms. That social factor will now be associated with any post you contribute, and based on your authorship (think of it as PageRank for authors) you can find yourself ranking for your blogs.

Authorship Process 

Step 1: Create a Google+ account. After creating your account, make sure you have a recognizable headshot for your profile picture. Google uses this as a verification process to make sure you are the author of your content.

Step 2: Any content needs to include your name in the byline. Make sure that any article written by you has a section naming you as author. Your byline name needs to match your name that is used on your Google+ profile.

Step 3a: Email verification through Google+. If you have an email address on the same domain, you can verify authorship through Google+.

Step 3b: Link content from your blog page to your Google+ profile. Include domains into your Google+ profile page that you contribute content to.

Step 3c: Link your Google+ profile with your author bio. You must have access to HTML for this version. Include in your bio your Google+ profile URL. Seen here:

<a href="">Google+</a>

Once you verify your Google+ profile with your content, you will start seeing yourself in SERPs. Now go and start creating great content!

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